If you have reached the stage in your life when you are beginning to think about your future career prospects then you may be in need of some assistance. We at Education & Graduation Advice Site understand this, which is why we have created a website catered specifically for graduates. In order to accomplish your career aspirations you need to understand the best educational route to take. Whether you are thinking about entering the profession of dentistry, possibly even specialising in orthodontics, or think law is more suited to your interests, then we can help.

Before and after graduation

If a particular career appeals to you then it is a good idea to begin planning your educational route as soon as possible. You may need a degree qualification, which can only be undertaken once you have acquired a particular grade of A-levels. This in itself will require a good level of GCSE results. All of this must be taken into consideration if you are to enter the career of your choosing. This site offers insights into such matters, but also gives advice on what may boost your career credentials, such as work experience. Furthermore, we offer invaluable advice on what you can expect to happen after you have graduated, a time during which many graduates can become lost in the stampede of students leaving university.

Difficult time

Graduation is a difficult time. You may not have achieved the results you were expecting or the ideal job you had lined up may have fallen through. But all is not lost. Education Graduation Advice Site offers information on a range of degree areas and their corresponding careers, including specialities. By weighing up your options you can be made to see that all is not lost.

Try before you buy

Work experience is an important asset to any graduate. It gives you the opportunity to see if the job you have set your dreams on is actually right for you. You do not want to get started in a career you have been working long and hard to get into, only to find that you detest waking up each morning. Voluntary work experience is the best route to take, preferably during your time at college. This will most likely be unpaid, but you only need to consider how greatly this may shape your future career to see how vital it is.

Our goal

Our overall aim is to provide graduates with a basis through which they can discover the career route best suited to them. From your early days at high school to working your way up to the boardroom, Education Graduation Advice Site can help you every step of the way.